Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fluffy Blog

I need to apologize. Things have been feeling so hectic lately that most of my blogs have been fluff 'n stuff. Well, I say hectic, but really I've pushed the "New Post" button tons of time and say here thinking, "I have NOTHING to blog about." Do you ever feel like you have nothing going on in your life? Obviously my life is full. I fell as though I don't have a minute to myself most days, I'm so busy doing. But when it comes down to it, where was all my running getting me? What was I accomplishing? Was it even worthwhile enough to mention in a blog? Hmmm. Apprently not because my blog has been pretty bare.

So, what's a girl to do? How do you go about making your everyday happenings mroe meaningful? How do you find value in monotenous tasks? How do you make an extraordinary life out of a life that barely seems blog-worthy? Truth be told, I have no idea. But I know I need to get out of whatever funk is keeping me feeling this way.

I haven't been to church since I left Alabama, which, I'm sure, is a huge contributing factor. Even Alex said today, "We need to get you back into church QUICK!" but that was a joke. Although, many a truth is said in jest. I need to get back into the Bible too. I know it's nothing more than an exscuse, but every spare second I have I (usually) spend trying to clean or finish unpacking/organizing the house. It's not exscuse though. Sigh.

If anyone has advice for me, let me know. I want my everyday life to feel full. And not just with "Stuff", but to be full of meaning.


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The Osborne Family said...

Hey girly! This was a really good blog. I get in those funks a lot of times! Especially when Todd is working ALL the time and I never see him. But I had fallen out of church for a while. I have been going the past couple of weeks and it has really helped. I am even helping teach the two and three year old sunday school class now!! I love you and miss you!!