Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us!

I'm finally back in the blogging swing of things. I've been spending alot of time getting my NEW review blog ready to go public, so I'm sorry for the neglect that Blushing Mommy has recieved. Once the other blog is off the ground I will have a bit more time to spend here... at least if the kids are sleeping. LOL

I hope everyone's holiday was good. My family drove up from Alabama and came to stay with us! We got our first big snow while they were here, so that was very exciting getting to share our winter weather with them! Turkey Day was amazing! I did the turkey ALL BY MYSELF for the first time, and it turned out b-e-a-utifully! It was so golden brown and moist.... yummm. I still have some in the fridge if you want a bite? lol I did my mom's stuffing while she layed the baby down and that was not such a success. Luckily my cornbread dressing swooped (or should I say scooped?) in and saved the turkey day!

It was so nice to have my family here and to feel like things were slightly back to normal because, I'll tell ya, being on your own without any help is exhausting! The couple days they were here, having help with the kids, was so wonderful! They helped me a ton with housework and dishes and laundry... too much actually! But regardless, it was so nice and endlessly appreciated!

We have the tree up now and the rest of the house is decorated. I finally found my camera charger so I will get some pictures of the house and post them in the next few days. I'd love to see pictures of everyone else's decorations too!! Have a happy holiday and go put on some Christmas music!