Friday, February 27, 2009

My Table is Artwork

Unfortunately for me, I didn't intend it to be like this. My oldest was coloring some pictures for me, having a grand ole time, and I was online. Surprised, right? Anyhow, I turn around to check on him and he has foregone the paper in favor of my kitchen table! He drew lovely criss-crossing train tracks down the entire length of my table. Now, as you can see from the pictures, it's not the best table anyway, but it's still our only table! I have tried scrubbing it out and it's not budging an inch. I think a tablecloth is the only thing that's going to save it.

Please, tell me I'm not alone. Tell me what your kiddos have turned into art lately!

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Deanna said...

Hey Heather,
Well my kids have behaved lately since they're all grown up now. :-) But, when Steph was about 4, she wanted to paint her lips and her baby doll's lips with the most beautiful shade of RED lipstick. By the time she finished, she had painted her sheets, bedspread, pillow and the wall beside her bed. It was not a fun day!!! But - great memories now!

Have you tried a Mr. Clean magic eraser - they work great on things that nothing else will touch.
Ms. Dee