Monday, October 20, 2008

A little update on Henry

At the moment Henry is sleep, but he appears to be back to his old self today. No fever, high spirits, eating good, still drinking lots but that in itself isn't abnormal for him, and playing with his brother. All in all I think he's fine now!!


The Osborne Family said...

I'm glad to hear your babies are feeling better. Hannah has been sick too. I miss you already. I know we didn't see each other much when you lived here, but it is different now. Because even if we wanted to just run and see each other, we can't. Do you have free long distance calling? Can I still call you on your cell or will it charge you roaming? Love ya!!

Melissa said...

My girls have been sick too. It's not fun.

It's that time of year.....however he is still super darn cute even when he is sick.