Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Official a resident of Illinois!

Hi everyone! I know I've taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging, but with the move and preparing for the move, and unpacking from the move things have been too crazy. We left out from Alabama on Thursday morning and stopped overnight (for the boys sake ... well, and frankly everyone's sake!) and arrived here early Friday afternoon. As soon as I walked into the house I squealed! It was/is soooo much more than I expected! The house is beautiful, although it does need cleaning and painting. The steps are also quite a workout. There is only 1 bathroom, and it's upstairs, so if I need to pee I have to haul butt up the steps. Then the luandry room is downstairs, so that's more trips everyday. And of course stuff in the boys room, and unpacking, and yada yada yada. In short, it's alot of stairclimbing. A built in stairmaster, if you will. The area also seems nice. The day we got here there were about 10 kids outside playing from ages 2 to about 8. LOTS of little boys for Henry to make friends with. I've seen our neighbors a few times, but so far I've been too shy or too busy to actually say anything. I play over in my head what I will say and it just never sounds right, so I've stayed put so far. But I will socialize soon... promise.

Well, right now we're about to head out to take Jeff to the Army recruiters office. He's been thinking about the military for months, and it seems like he's finally decided on the Army. So we'll see what becomes of that.

I'll write again soon! BYEEEE!!


MichelleW said...

Wow you don't even have to schedule your exericse routine it really is built into you day! LOL The neighborhood looks really nice and the foliage looks beautiful. Love ya and have a good day!

Deanna said...

The house looks huge and really nice. I can tell "fall" is in the air up there. I'm glad y'all made it safe and sound. Now, just how far are you from Chicago? I'll be headed that way in July. Maybe we can see you then if it's not too far. Happy unpacking! LOL
Ms. Dee

Melissa said...

Cool....I can't wait to see inside photos...the house looks awesome.

Glad you made it safe. So where are you in Illinois? I'm in Michigan and wondered how far from me you are.

The Kellers said...

check out my blog, you won an award!