Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Target, Twilight, and CVS

Exhausting day. I'm really tuckered so I'm not entirely sure why I'm blogging exactlly, but I'm here so let's do this thang! This morning I decided to try to squeeze in some shopping at Target before Luke's nap. We left the house at 9, it takes 20 minutes to get there, 20 minutes to get back, and Luke is supposed to nap at 10. Ummm, yea. We didn't make it back by naptime. So Luke fell asleep in the car on the way there and, thankfully, woke up just fine and was peachy the whole was through Target. While I'm shopping I get a phone call from CVS that Luke's eardrops are FINALLY in. Oh yea, remind me to tell you all about THAT story in a minute. So we leave Target, I forget to swing by CVS, but I just assumed my Dad could pick them up on his way home from work. No can do. My mom informed me that he had to pickup his lawnmower on the way home, so that meant another trip back out for us. At this point it was 1:30pm so I just decided to wait around for my sister to get home from school and see if she would watch the boys so I could make a super quick trip of it. She did. I went (and got a canolli at Publix while I was out hehe) and got the drops. Came home, dealt with kids (which seems to always be an ordeal) made dinner (meatloaf, corn, mac n cheese), wrestled with the kids more (this includes Henry trying to start a food fight with Nathan, refusing to blow his runny nose, and standing at the potty for 15 minutes before bedtime also refusing to budge an inch on not going pee in the potty), layed Henry down while mom gave Luke his bottle, and then the night was over. Well, mostly b/c I'm still here but sheesh. It doesn't SEEM like alot but man oh man was there alot today.

Oh, so the medicine thing. Both boys started up with a runny nose last week. It started green, turned clear, and then over the weekend it started green again and this time with a yucky wet cough to go along with it. So monday I took them to the Dr. Our insurance is crap which means I had to drive back up to Jasper (an hour each way) and wait in the sardine cramped, slowest moving waiting room in the country to see a NP. She was nice, although we waited in the room about 45 minutes before someone came back to see us. Both boys had chest Xrays and blood work. Henry had streaking in his lungs but Luke looked mostly fine. The both had sinus infections. And Luke is on ear infection #3. Lovely. I leave the Dr's office after having them print me out blue forms for the move, and head to CVS to get their meds filled. Thank goodness I picked the one by my mom's house and not the one in Jasper or I would've been doing alot MORE driving! So anyway, I drop the Rx off and the lady tells me it will be about 30 minutes. Fine. We grab some lunch, swing back by, and the meds still aren't ready. So I sat waiting at the window for what felt like forever, but was actually only about 10-15 minutes and they bring me 2 bags. Henry had 2 meds, both in 1 bag, and Luke had 3 meds, but only 2 of them were in the bag. Turns out they didn't have those particular eardrops in stock so they will order them and I can pick them up next day at 11am. Sucks, but what can you do? So I called on tuesday before driving out there and the lady tells me they have the drops in and ready. Wonderful. I drive to the pharmacy and after waiting 5 minutes someone comes to the window, then disappears for another 5-10 minutes, and I am then greeted by a very large, very intimidating looking, sweet as pie black man. lol He apologized profusely and said that the drops that were prescribed for Luke were no longer manufactured. He had called and ordered a different Rx with the same ingredients and it would be there the next day. Oh really, and I should believe this why? Well, that's what I wanted to say anyhow. I smiled sweetly and told him no problem. They called me this morning (like I mentioned before) and said the drops were ready and HALLELUJAH this time they were! My poor bubby having to deal with this ear infection.... it just made me feel awful to see him tugging at his ear. Now don't get me wrong, he's taking antibiotics for it, but these were numbing drops to help him deal with the pain that the Tylenol/Ibuprophen wouldn't help with.

So now that I've babbled my head off I'm gonna shut it down for the night. Oh hey... HANSON IS IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!! EEEEEEEK!