Monday, August 25, 2008

Moving... continued

Hi everybody. It's monday. Yesterday was church, which was nice, although the pastor did ask me to sing about 5 minutes before service and I was sooo thrown!

Today has been another crazy hectic day getting ready to move. First thing this morning I ran to the bank and while I was in line Alex called me with an update from his new regional manager. What we thought would be 2-4 weeks of training has now turned into 6 weeks. 4 weeks in Peoria and 2 weeks in Atlanta. I was really worried at first that we wouldn't see him for the first whole month because they are flying him up there and then renting him a car, but they are flying him back to Alabama almost every weekend!!

I did some mad hunting for boxes today and finally lucked out at Dollar General. They're almost all pack already and somehow my house still looks the same. BLUSH! Anyone have an itch pack? Come to my house and scratch it! I feel sort of stuck too because we need things for my mom's, Alex needs things for his trip, I still have to cook all week, we still have to wear clothes this week. Woo... we have alot of stuff.

Once again I am pulled away from happy blogging by a baby crying "mama" in his crib. For real though, the packing offer still stands. Any takers?

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MichelleW said...

You did wonderful even with the last minute notice. Remember bring all your music with you this Sunday also.

Love ya give both the boys a kiss from me. Mom