Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My First Mobile Blog

The boys and I are spending our first night in our new temporary home... my mama's house. All 3 of us will be sharing a bedroom for the next 6 weeks and tonight both boys are sick. Yay. Can't you feel my enthusiasm?
I'm currently sitting on the couch in the dark, trying to be as quiet as a mouse, waiting to turn a quarter of a century old. 16 minutes and counting. Who would've known that this benchmark birthday would be bring myself and my family such huge changes. I am back living with my parents and although its temporary, I haven't lived here in 6 years and, honestly, never thought I would need to come back. I will soon be digging up what few family roots we have laid here and will be moving my family halfway across the country to a state that is all but foreign and to a town I have never seen. That a lot for a girl to handle. But, hey, I'm almost 25 so I guess its about time to pull out the big girl panties, right? Even still, everyone pray for my family and I, that God quickly leads us into what he has planned for us in Illinois.
BTW, can anyone tell me if it's il-uh-NOYS or il-uh-NOY? I've been obsessing over this, and a little paranoid that we will be banished as outsiders if we get it wrong. Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating a tad, but you get the picture.
So I'll end this blog with a simple Happy Birthday to me. It's midnight and I'm 25! Night!