Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Day In The Life

The boys are playing, I'm blogging, and I want to be in bed. Luke had a rough rough rough night. About 2 hours after I fell asleep he woke up crying and so I brought him into my bed, nursed him, and we both drifted off. Then he woke up again... and again... and again... and finally at 6am he was up for the day but I managed to keep him at least IN the bed with me for another 45 minutes. TORTURE! Must sleep. Henry is going strong and Luke is fussy today (imagine that. SNORT!) Anyone up for babysitting?


Robyn said...

Love the boys! sorry about your night, hopefully tonight will be better!

Lori Lynn said...

Has it gotten any better?? Tyler's been doing the wake-up-every-3-hours thing lately - which is more frustrating since he's 18 months old. Sigh. I think being a mommy is one of the most challenging (and sleep depriving) jobs in the world. Hang in there!!