Sunday, September 7, 2008

We Have A House

Hi everyone! I know I haven't blogged in a few days but things just seem to be so hectic. Living in a house with 7 people and 4 animals is a tad crazy.

Alex drove into Peoria to start looking at houses and was having trouble with his phone. He called me and asked me to call the places and find him directions, so I did. He drove to the first place and the owner met him there. He said he'd call me after he was done and so I waited. Well, about 10 minutes later the phone rang. Alex said he needed my parents address so the guy could send us keys!!! OMG!! I begged him for info but he said he'd call when he left. So, we have a house, and we can move in any time after the 26th. The man who owns the house is still living there and is moving out on the 26th. He is being transferred as well, to South Carolina. One leaves the south, the other comes. I guess there is always a balance, huh?

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Robyn said...

The house is adorable! You will really like it out here. Enjoy your move ;)