Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Picture Day

Afternoon everyone. I am sitting down for a second before I get the boys ready to get pictures taken. I never get professional pics done, mostly because I have a professional camera. But we were at Wal-Mart the other day and the picture lady was standing there with the cutest trin picture and I just squealed... and now we're getting ready to get pics done. lol I hope they turn out cute!

Before hitting Wally World I have to pickup mom's keys from the hair place, and go setup a PO box for us in Hueytown. I still haven't setup our PO box or had our mail fwded. Oops! I need to call Pearl (the old landlady) and see if she will pick our mail up for us. What a pain.

Oh, so I got stung by a wasp today. See my pic? OUCH! I am slightly allergic to wasp stings. I was getting Christmas decorations out of the shed last year and one stung me on my pinkie. It stayed huge and red and itchy for a week and a half... it was painful. I'm hoping this one, which is right in the middle of my back, isn't as bad. At least this one I can't scratch constantly.

So tra la la la la... have a good day everyone!


Erin Tales said...

Ugh. THat sucks about the wasp. My mom told me just last week I was slightly allergic too. (Isn't that what the wasp counts on?) And I got stung on my finger too! A wasp built a nest by my gas cap in my car. It felt like a shock! on the brighter side, I cant wait to see prof. pics of the boys.

Erin Tales said...

OMG! And love the walking video!